Come with us as we take an exclusive look at the never before seen LEGO® Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220), the latest exclusive LEGO® set! We'll talk with the talented LEGO Designer who brought this awesome model to life in LEGO® Bricks. The Volkswagen T1 Camper Van will be available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning October 1, 2011 via and at LEGO® Stores. Visit for more details on this amazing model!

This authentic camper van is a replica of the classic Volkswagen Camper Van from 1962. Every iconic feature is here! On the outside, the terrific detailing includes 'V' shape three-way color split at the front, rounded roof and window frames, opening 'splittie' safari windshield, opening doors, iconic pop-up roof with textile curtain surround, roof rack, rear side air intake vents and lots more! The detailing is equally impressive on the inside, from the authentic VW air-cooled flat four cylinder boxer engine, front cabin bench seat, gear stick, angled dashboard and iconic spherical speedometer, to custom LEGO® features like folding rear bench seat, folding dinette table, closet with mirror and even a painting! Ages 16+. 1,322 pieces.

• Features 11 windows, authentic plaid-print textile curtains and wing mirror!
• Rear door opens to reveal detailed engine!
• Interior also features rear bench seat that transforms into a bed, 'Make LEGO Models, Not War' T-shirt and rear shelf with plant!
• Measures 11.8" (30cm) long and 5.5" (14cm) high

폭스바겐 캠퍼..
10월중에 해외에서 먼저 발매되고 국내에도 발매될 예정인 레고 신제품 정보입니다.
브릭수가 1000개를 넘어서고.. 외부나 내부의 디자인과 특수브릭만 봐도.. 필수로 구매해야할 제품으로 보입니다.
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