Jahmene Douglas’ audition – Etta James’ At Last- The X Factor UK 2012


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훌륭한 보컬리스트로 에타 제임스라는 여성이 있습니다
그분이 불렀던 곡중에 At Last 란 유명한 곡이 있습니다.
비욘세의 리메이크곡도 완성도 높지만..
영국의 엑스펙터라는 오디션 프로그램에 참가해서 부른 슈퍼마켓 직원의 At Last 는 매우 인상적입니다
일주일에 한번 이 친구가 우승에 근접하게 올라가고 있는 모습을 보면서 .
.오디션 프로그램의 재미를 큼지막하게 느끼고 있습니다

X Factor 2012: Jahmene Douglas

From: Swindon
Category: Boys
Mentor: Nicole

Jahmene is The X Factor’s supermarket singing sensation. The 22 year-old
supermarket worker from Swindon wowed the Judges at his first audition in London
with his rendition of Etta James, At Last.

At Bootcamp, Jahmene’s first performance didn’t go too well and ahead of his
final performance he complained of feeling faint and dizzy but after a pep talk
from Nicole and Louis he took to the stage and blew the Judges and the audience
away once more with his version of Will You Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles.

At Judges Houses in Dubai, Jahmene pulled off the performance of a lifetime
singing Titanium by David Guetta to make it into Nicole’s three acts going through to the Live Shows.

Jahmene is a self-confessed lover of soul and gospel music, regularly singing
with the gospel choir at his local church and he is a big fan of the late
Whitney Houston. Jahmene lives at home with mum, step-dad, two brothers and
sister. He says he wants to ‘make his Mum proud’ by performing on The X Factor.

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